Project Approach & Methods

The objectives outlined above will be achieved by setting up a well equipped not for profit   medical facility in a remote part of the Adentan municipality, with the capacity to see 300-400 patients a month. The health center called Boston Medical Services (BMS) – Ghana, will initially be a 15 bed medical facility which will provide medical services to the community and beyond.

The facility will initially be ran by 2 physicians, a nurse practitioner and other ancillary staff with the plan of getting more staff on board as deemed necessary.  It will have a standard laboratory, imaging services which include ultrasound d and X-ray, as well as a pharmacy.  The pharmacy will be stocked primarily with essential medicines obtained from MAP international

The space will be about 10,000 sq.ft and is currently about 90% completed.

To date, the funding for the facility space have been provided by the founders of BMS-Ghana and efforts to secure medical equipment and supplies is ongoing.

Non  profit organizations that are assisting in this endeavor  include the International Medical Equipment Collaborative (IMEC) America, Andover, MA provides equipment solutions for health care, agriculture and education projects in impoverished communities around the world. MAP International, USA  is also on board to assist with providing essential medicines on a long term basis.

There are ongoing efforts to solicit for additional assistance to help offset some of the expense of the project cost. This will significantly help lower the cost of providing quality care to underserved populations.   Besides,   initial donations by philanthropists will help significantly reduce the overall startup cost thereby decreasing the possibility of acquiring loans at high interest rates.

BMS- Ghana have also approached United States Doctors For Africa (USDFA) to enroll in the Africa-USA Sister Hospitals Partnership Program as a way of getting support in terms of manpower, resources etc to combat its efforts in providing care for the underserved.

 The health center will strive to accept patients who are enrolled in the National Health Insurance Scheme. Other private insurances which are very few in the country at this point will also be accepted. As a non profit organization, the health center will adapt a tiered payment system where patients who cannot afford to pay for services at standard cost will be significantly subsidized and given quality healthcare.

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