• To set up a medical facility in the Adentan Community and create a medical practice that will exceed patient’s expectations with a major focus of health care delivery on  primary care services that target non-communicable diseases (NCD’s) as well as common tropical and communicable diseases
  • To provide patient centered prenatal services to women in the community with the goal of increasing maternal child health outcomes
  • To provide high quality medical care to residents of the Adentan area and beyond with a focus on underserved populations of all ages
  • To focus on primary and secondary prevention of NCD”s to help increase case finding as well as decrease morbidity and mortality
  • To aggressively manage and support patients with hypertension, diabetes, HIV infection, etc. and other chronic medical conditions
  • To embark on outreach programmes in the community to educate people on the modifiable risk factors of NCD’s and provide interventions to help improve the health of the community
  • Boston Medical Services of Ghana WILL NOT engage in any abortion services, as a pro-life organization, we exist to support human life in its entirety
  • To promote cross-cultural understanding and cooperation between individuals and communities in the Unites States and Ghana through collaborations, health care, and education.